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Revision history

AnetHelpTool v. New features of the AnetHelpTool:

  • The Java Help is supported

AnetHelpTool v. Changes:

  • The strange behavior under Windows NT was corrected

AnetHelpTool v. New features of the AnetHelpTool v.5.x:

  • 32-bit mode
  • HTML-help files can be generated.
  • The WinHelp and HTMLHelp compiler are included to the distribution.

AnetHelpTool v.4.5.2: New features of the AnetHelpTool v.4.5.2 :

  • The generation of the help-project to the set of the html-pages (Wwww-site).
  • The compiler (hcp.exe) is added to the AnetHelpTool distribution.
  • The module added that installs the Microsoft Help Workshop and adds it to the AnetHelpTool. The module can be downloaded from http://www.anetsoft.com/eprhlptl.htm. The component contains Hotspot Editor 2.0 (Shed.exe) that can be used to make images with the sensitive to user clicks areas. It contains Multi-Resolution Bitmap Compiler version 1.1 (Mrbc.exe), that can combine the images with different screen resolutions to one file.