Cooperation proposal

Anet Software Development Company is located in one of Russia's strongest scientific centers, Troitsk. Their programming receives public recognition from Microsoft, Intel and Ziff-Davis publishers. In 1997 Ziff-Davis International Shareware Awards recognized Anet's Search32 as one of five finalists in the File Utilities competition. Anet worked closely with Microsoft-Russia to develop Visual Basic solutions for a range of software development projects in the local Russian market. Microsoft considers Anet to be a valuable and reliable partner providing software development expertise. Anet also works with the Russian Space Center (Korolov) and the Institute for Innovations in Fusion Research (Troitsk) to develop network solutions for flight control and data / security management of local area networks. Anet has an installed software base in more than 50 countries around the world supported by on-line support staff in the United States. Clientele include large corporations, government entities, and individual users world wide. Anet's existing clientele for text retrieval software and on-line documentation development software include the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency, ABC Television News - Nightline, Global TeleSystems, University of Virginia, London Metropolitan Police Department, University of Tasmania, New Zealand Agricultural Research Institute, Norhtern Territory University, Austrailia, and many others.

Anet's programming staff possess expertise in communications, databases, text retrieval and text handling. Communication expertise is focused on developing custom solutions for electronic mail management, custom editors and browsers for html text management, TCP/IP applications for remote database management, tools for wide and local area network management, and http server development. Text handling efforts are focused on hypertext application development and custom algorithms providing state-of-the-art text indexing and retrieval. Anet developed 3-D software for computer sculpturing.

Anet is actively seeking strategic partners providing experience in international software development. Anet seeks to expand its project base for custom development software within its proven specialties. Projects can be structured to meet predefined customer requirements and to provide specific marketing and distribution rights for the sponsor.

Anet provides unique advantages to strategic partners. Russia is recognized for the technical and intellectual capacity of its programmers, and the current economic situation in Russia allows for a significant cost savings in joint development projects. Anet programmers are versed in a wide range of programming languages offering various combinations of C, C++, C++ Builder, Visual C, Visual Basic, Delphi and Assembler. Anet established sophisticated methods for project management and technical team support. Internally developed tools minimize overall project management costs while enhacing communications for technical development, quality control, and on-going software support. Anet administration has a proven track record. Working with individual and corporate users from around the world they develop unique solutions for complex business requirements. Coordinating feedback and ongoing project communications (in English and in Russian) throughout the project lifecycle leads to unparalleled performance.

Anet's strategic objectives include leveraging its existing Internet programming expertise and expanding its installed base of client and server applications. Objectives also include expanding its existing expertise for data security management and for information management and retrieval. Anet welcomes the opportunity to communicate with potential clients who share Anetís interests. Anet is one of the few Russian companies with a proven ability to create, manage and support application development projects with a focus on cost-efficient development methods delivered in a timely manner with a focus on team development techniques.

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