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AnetHelpTool is a software tool for the creation of Help systems. It supports three types of output help format: WinHelp (16 and 32 bit), HTML Help and Java Help. It provides an easy and pleasant development process which saves time and increases your help-writing efficiency. It also greatly simplifies design since the program is almost fully WYSIWYG and looks like an actual help file.

To create an output file in WinHelp format (.HLP file) AnetHelpTool uses two input file formats: .RTF format for data and .HPJ format for project files. Both these files are generated by AnetHelpTool. To support linking of the created Help file with user's programs, AnetHelpTool also creates an include file in .H format.

To create an output file in HTML Help format (.CHM file) AnetHelpTool uses the following files formats: help project (.hhp) file, data HTML to combine topic (.html, .htm), image (.jpeg, .gif, .png), index (.hhk), and contents (.hhc). All these files are generated by AnetHelpTool.

To create an output file in Java Help format you need to have Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JDE) installed on your computer.

AnetHelpTool has its own internal word processor based on multifont and multicolor text box control, which provides WYSIWYG on-line presentation. It's engine provides easy creation of all necessary files you may need to make a professional help file.

System requirements

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer using an 80486 or higher microprocessor. 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended) EGA, VGA, super VGA, XGA, 8514/A or compatible video graphics card. Mouse.

Software Requirements

Microsoft Windows version 95 or later; Windows NT.

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