Language Maker for Search32

"Language Maker" is a special utility for Anet's Search32, used to develop specific language sets for text retrieval in Search32.

Search32 creates index files on your hard disk. These index files contain information about words and their positions in files. When you perform a word search, the program does not scan the entire disk, but looks at index files only.

Non-viewable formatting symbols are usually of no use to the user in a search. If you attempt to include them in your index file it will become unnecessarilly large, consuming extra disk space.

Search32 Language Maker, working with "language files" (.lng) allows the user to define sets of symbols, foreign accents, characters or alphabets to be included.

Each language (English, French, German, Russian,etc.) has its own unique symbols and characters. With Search32 Language Maker you create your own specific language set, including any special symbols you want to include in your search criteria. (ie. "+" or ";").

Now you can easily create your own language file and use it in Search32 text retrieval utility.

"Language Maker" is included into the Search 32 v.301 pack as a free utility!

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