Several programs from Anet Company.

Active Detective
Active Detective - text retrieval server for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Anet Help Tool
is another WYSIWYG editor. Using this program you will be able to create professional looking Windows Help files. Download shareware version or read details first.

Cache Watcher
Solve your De Ja Vu problems and find Internet pages you forgot.

Image Gallery
Simple and very popular image browsing program from Anet. It supports various formats and their mutual conversion. Operates with files and virtual folders. Has zooming and printing options. It is for you to download. Obtain an elegant image tool, or read about its useful features.

for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Pygmalion 3D is the easiest and fastest program of its type. With all the features of any professional 3-D graphics package, the simplicity of Pygmalion’s interface allows you to master it quickly. Even children enjoy immediate success. Objects created with Pygmalion 3D can be used in other programs, such as 3-D Studio.
System requirements: (486DX/66, 8Mb RAM or better, VGA 256 colors monitor).
Download the trial version. Order CD-ROM with more scenes and textures.
Download the demo/tutorial to learn how easy it is.

Search32 English,  German,  Italian,  Russian.    AnetSearchEngine API.
Are you overloaded with text documents on your computer? Are you tired of waiting for Windows 95 to browse the hard disk to find files you want? We have a solution for you. Download the speediest, least expensive and easiest text retrieval program for Win95/NT, Anet's Search32 . Or, read more about this program.

Customer Service System. Includes Trouble Ticket Management System, Work Order Management System, HelpDesk. Contact Anet for more details.